ZOTTO as seen from satellite (© see information on image)

ZOTTO - view from top platform (© MPI-BGC, J.Winderlich)


  • Coordinates: 60 N, 90 E, Google maps
  • close to village Zotino at Yenisei river in central Siberia


  • Tall tower (height: 304 m) with measurement platforms at 52, 158, and 301 metres
  • Two towers for eddy measurements (10 and 30 metres height)
  • Air conditioned bunker for scientific equipment
  • Living house for scientists, watchman and guests
  • Pergola connects house and bunker to protect against ice fall
  • Generators for energy supply

History of ZOTTO site

  • Oct 2014: Restart of CO2/CH4 gas analyser at bog site
  • Jun 2014: Stop operation of CO2/CH4 gas analyser at bog site
  • Apr 2014: Restart of CO2/ H2O measurements and of CO2/ H2O / CH4 measurements at forest and bog eddy site, respectively
  • Oct 2013: Demount two IRGAs at eddy sites due to the malfunctioning
  • Jun 2012: Final installation and start up of eddy systems in the forest and the bog N-NE from the tall tower, maintenance
  • 2011: Installation of cable for new eddy systems, transport, maintenance & bunker re-construction
  • Sep 2010: Construction of two towers for eddy measurements (10 and 30 metres height)
  • Jun 2010: Installation of tall tower safety equipment
  • since September 2009: CO data again
  • May 2009: Start of CO2/ CH4 measurements
  • since 2007: Meteorology measurement
  • since 2006: Aerosol measurement
  • 2006-2007: Continuous CO2/CH4/O2/CO/N2O measurements
  • 2005-2006: Construction of the tall tower
  • 1998-2004: Eddy flux stations in forest and bog within EUROSIB and TCOS
  • 1998-2005: Regular profiling flights
  • 1993: begin of forest inventories, ecosystem explorations, and other research activities in Zotino region, e.g. FIRESCAN